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Affix Series

Triumph Motorcycles Clothing Adventure Touring Affix Series Jacket Group Shot on Black Background




The Affix Series enables the rider to select a unique layering system that offers the flexibility to create a bespoke product based on the rider’s needs in terms of price, climate and performance requirements. Having a versatile layering system is essential for the motorcycle rider as it creates a microclimate that surrounds your body and allows you to maintain a comfortable core body temperature.

Our Affix Series allows for complete interconnectivity between the various insulation options and the full 2021 Adventure jacket line. Simply choose your outer, choose your insulation pieces to suit your requirements then combine. As your performance needs change, simply take one insulation piece out and swap it for another to maintain optimal performance and comfort.

The insulation pieces work by trapping small pockets of warm air which block body heat from escaping, combined with a layering system ensures ultimate temperature stability with no effort. Each insulation piece can also be worn separately when off the bike for maximum versatility.



Triumph Motorcycles Clothing Affix Series Mid layer Group Shot on Black Background)


Available from Triumph dealerships, this collaboration is available now.  

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